AU SOLEIL (english version)

It was a hudge mistake to publicize the official end date of the school year. Anyway, I should have never been privy to it. Because now I know that only a few weeks separate me from two months of full sun and sweet freedom from school routine and I have no strenght at all. My brain reprogrammed so hard that for all of my problems is one solution – „till the holidays!”. So, going this route, I’ve started making a holiday edition of to-to list. I decided to spend this summer time as productively as possible. However, the vision of (theoretical) lack of the education obligation for two months took me so much that ideas for spending them are constantly arriving but the time for achieving this plans is not making any longer. And you, guys, know what? I am sure that I’ll go back to school totally angry with myself because I have got only one, the most trivial point of the whole list, checked. And that’s what I always do. I set up some unrealistics plans and then I get nervous when I am not able to manage. I have always thought that’s my nature. But maybe it’s time to chill out, relax, like the holidays should be, and take a little break even from myself and from putting on new goals, which are pretty impossible to achieve…  And come what may!

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